Winter season has many celebrations to unfold like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Pongal and many more. Perhaps the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year are few such reasons to celebrate. Many might have seen ups in the current year and celebrate to let the following year continue with the same progress, whereas some are on the other side of the coin where the year might have brought them all sorrows and doesn’t want this to happen in the next year.


Whatever may be the cause the season embodies celebration with the chilled winds and hot kebabs on the grill. Every street and stall is decorated with lighting welcoming the festive mood all over. Especially we find shops decked up with yearend offers, Christmas and New Year offers, Pongal offers, stock clearance sale etc.

Its all a part of the game strictly speaking, Business people’s perception of looking at things is different from regular employee to a home maker. Every individual has their own strategy of viewing at things, perhaps to benefit in their own niche. This very thought brings into picture the varied celebration possibilities. Amidst are the vendors who cleverly en cashes the circumstances by bringing every required need to existence.

Speaking about Christmas; this is one such adorable festival admired and looked up for by every second individual in the world. It is looked as a fascinated, fabricated festival with varied colors pouring in attracting the on goers. As the festival comes at the end of the year also adds up to the celebration and considered the last festival in the year. The aroma of plum cakes, cookies, especially cooked non veg dishes steals the show of the festival.

Every nook and corner of the street high lights the food preparations especially made for the season, attracting masses all around and aggravating the business. Apparel oriented shops, fireworks shops bakeries, and work in full swing popping up with profits on the occasion. Every church is lighted up, dolled up with decorations witnessing the joyful atmosphere all over.

Though the season is chilled up, the warmth on bed gives good sleep and relaxation to the body. The very next morning is again a challenging day with array of duties to perform. The season also employs new odd jobs helping out the young generations to take up and save some for their pocket money. So this winter season need to be welcomed heartily and anticipate all goodness to unfold!

As stated “Prevention is better than Cure”, every disease can be prevented if not cured. Likewise Diabetes is one such disease which can be delayed if it is hereditary. Our lifestyle speaks volumes of our health condition. We need no test to confirm our health condition stable, the way we lead our life says enough of our current health condition.
TPThese days we very often see people getting attacked with high per tensions, heart attacks, diabetes, kidney failure, lung infections etc.. This frequency rate is very less 30 years back when compared to todays. The reasons are ample enough to discuss. The sophistication in every walk of life engulfed with technology is a prime accuser to list out. At the same time giving space voluntarily to such sophistication and blaming the technology is also not recommended. Perhaps at the end of the day it is your life which is on stake but not technology.

They are much advancement made in our daily routines starting from cooking at home to working at office and the means of commuting adapted. Despite all this take a pause and think about the repercussions occurred due to this kind of life style and make small amendments that make your life beautiful and lengthen perhaps.

After reaching a certain age like 30 plus we need to adapt to a lifestyle where we get enough physical exercise and balanced diet to keep our body mass apt on scale depending on the height. These cautious measures not only keep health ailments at bay but also delay all kinds of hereditary diseases.

Let us take an example of Diabetes,though Diabetes is considered genetic proper planning in lifestyle would make wonders in keeping the disease at bay. Healthy lifestyle involves

  • Waking up early in the morning to go for a brisk walk or jogging or yoga.
  • Start the day with a warm green tea and quick break fast
  • Switch on to your daily routine and break for a fast lunch with a cup of cereals and lots of veggie.
  • Snack out with fruits or less oil food.
  • End the night meal with roti or phulka with a glass of milk and tuck into your bed to start the same routine the next morning.

These little steps seem to look simple but need to be followed properly to fetch great results in building up your confidence levels apart from good health.

Many of the professions are sedentary these days so working out on physical perspective is a must, this not only reduces your stress levels but also keeps blood sugar levels constant. Diabetes is one such disease which ruins your life when not diagnosed and treated properly, unhygienic and hereditable conditions owe in getting affected with this disease.

As stated” health is wealth “and real wealth cannot compete with this slogan and is mere useless how much ever you earn if you have no health. So I sign off with this note and wish all my bloggers a healthy life.

Satiate your palate with mouth watering delicacies to give it a change from regular food. This idea not only rejuvenates your taste buds but also gives fine refreshing feel to the entire body system. After all we need some sense of recreation to all the sense organs, so this is for the tongue.


Here are some delicacies of Hyderabad which everyone should taste in a life time:

Hyderabadi Biryani: The very name Hyderabad known for its popular dish Biryani is world famous and is joined with Biryani the moment the name is heard. The nawaabhi style of cooking and delicacies are already a big hit in the city of Hyderabad. One must venture out to place like Hyderabad for sure to have a taste of Hyderabad nawaab’s.

The delicacy is steam cooked with mutton, chicken mixed up with layered rice and herb’s to enhance the taste. People love to have this delicacy any time in the day irrespective of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Paaya: This spicy preparation is made by roasted herbs and goat trotters, when served pipping hot it serves as a remedy for running nose or cold, a sense of great relief is experienced when had it with rice or roti. The succulent flavors of Paaya is drawn by fine roasted herbs. It is a must to taste dish if you are happen to be in Hyderabad.

Boti Kebab: The tender mutton marinated with fresh garden herbs, curd, and lemon and burnt in traditional oven is just so delicious and melts in mouth if consumed hot. Serving this dish on a rainy day would tickle your taste buds and rejuvenates your energy levels back to youth.

Murgh do Pyaza: The preparation is simple and mouth watering to taste, made of fresh chicken, and lots of onions and tomatoes for gravy and of course the herbs in its place to extend the taste. Eaten with roti and rice is a good

Sheer Khurma: This vermicelli pudding is a sweet savour to wind up a lavish meal with honor, Made out of milk, dry fruits, and thin vermicelli. The cardamom powder and crunchy dry fruits adds up to the milk flavor is tasted for many occasions in Hyderabad, specially for Eid.


India was a rich source of knowledge to impart morals, ethics, logic, and technology in ancient days. As per the known Indian heritage we have plenty of evidences in form of vedic mathematics, medicine, art, culture and crafts. They are people pioneered and now still serving as Indian Legacies in respective fields. It is said that people used to travel from far off distances round the world to learn from masters in India. This rich heritage of India is in serious drought.


Schooling Age: The current education system when talked about from schooling to Universities; many flaws in the system of learning is experienced. An infant at the stage of infancy is compelled to a system of listening to various sounds and images; this very tuning is made at that level giving very little room for the child to grow naturally with natural exposure. Though the system gives a name like IQ etc., the process adopted is totally weird.

There is lot of mental stress on the child when he/she reaches at an age of 2, the child is already in school learning reading and writing methods. There is a constant vigilance of parents and the school on the child in every move made. The age where they are meant to play and have fun is stolen and burdened with loads of books and activities, where this is not the case 20 years back where schools minimum age to admit was 5years.

Pressure of Rankings: The heavy competition scenario lay up by the society drives parents and managements struggle for the best of the best without any confinements or inhibitions. This frenzy of marks or ranking scenario builds up lot of tension on the little ones leading to health disorders. The repercussions of such rankings are not even given a thought by elders is painstaking.

Knowledge Retained: Above all this exercises of training up a child the amount of knowledge garnered and retained is a big question mark. Application of the learnt education is no where seen therefore this is a biggest drawback in retaining. Any knowledge acquired would effectively retain if it is applied properly. Lack of this application leads to average learner when reached to colleges for higher education. The basement itself is not stronger to invite or grasp more load on to the brain is hazardous at the end of the day.

Maturity as a Person: By the time a child grows into a man with all those successful 22 to 25 years of study goes in vain when the ward fails in accomplishing a livelihood to withstand the current society. Compromising on whatever comes our way would only be the way to choose but not the path opted in person. This degradation and lack of quality follows in every move made in life.

All folks following this article give it a thought of necessary intense amendments needed in current system of education before the dreadful day actually arrives! Save Children, the future of India! Save Education!!!




Food is considered as a source of energy to survive, but what really matters is not just the question of survival, but how physically fit is our survival. Gone are the days where food is consumed only to live. This 21st century brought exceptionally numerous styles of living, out of which looking stylish by maintaining those lines and curves is an ideal task to take up by every living individual.

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The food consumed is classified as per the calorie intake. Slimmer you look less calorie food is the choice, stronger you look high calorie food should by your choice. There are lot of taste enhancer foods like fast foods are available in market which drag people towards them unconsciously, so as the weight is put on unconsciously. Having a check on these is a cumbersome task until you look out of shape one fine morning in front of the mirror.

To put a check to your body weight, think about foods like:

Water Melon: The fruit is rich water source content that helps your body drive away that extra fat and keep your belly full for a longer time.

Tomatoes: This vegetable looks lovely in color and shape so as its effect on human body in melting that unwanted fat.

Olives: Though Olives are oil based it consists of fat that are healthy and does not stick up to your body, in return washes away the fatty cells amazingly.

Papaya: The wonder fruit helps in digestion, breaks down food and fastens up the process of digestion leading to flat tummy

Mushrooms:  This fungus vegetable helps you curb appetite, keeps your body feel full for longer time, the dietary fibre in mushrooms promote good bowel movement.

Almonds: Though the dry fruit is rich in calories, they do not contribute to belly fat, rich in vitamin E that makes your skin youthful and vibrant.

Apple:  It is known for killing bacteria in intestines and aims in good digestion. Flushes out toxins and reduces water retention in your stomach.

Eat healthy and stay healthy is known concept, at the same time look slim and healthy is the trendy concept of today’s generation. So give it up a thought !

School’s out and you’re arranging an extraordinary summer with the crew. The sunny skies are ideal for shoreline outings, picnics and other outside enterprise, and you can hardly wait!

Be that as it may before you go out and appreciate, verify you’re shielded from great warmth that the midyear season can bring.


As temperatures climb in numerous parts of the nation, we get to be powerless against warmth spasms, depletion, drying out and warmth stroke. More seasoned grown-ups (ages 50 to 70) and children must be particularly cautious as they are more inclined to these.

As indicated by studies in America, many individuals around the globe likewise kick the bucket consistently from warmth related conditions, which can be totally dodged if preventive measures are taken.

To stay away from these conditions, “Uplifting news” records down 10 tips that can help you stay cool and agreeable even under the midyear heat.

  1. Invest time in cool and aerated and cooled spots

Ventilating creates cool air around the house that serves as assurance from the warmth outside. The individuals who don’t have ventilation system at home may decide to hang out in ventilated spots like bistros and shopping centers.

For the individuals who need to stay home, make a DIY ventilation system with a dish of ice 3D squares and a fan. At the point when the fan’s breeze blows over the shapes, it will dissolve and dissipate, bringing about the ice-cooled air to spread and help chill a territory.

  1. Continuously stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is an unquestionable requirement amid this season. Verify that you drink a lot of water; better on the off chance that you take in more than the standard eight glasses a day to maintain a strategic distance from fast liquid misfortune. Other cool drinks and games drinks rich with electrolytes can likewise help supplant minerals and chill off the body temperature whenever.

  1. Devour chilly and solidified treats

Solidified treats like frozen yogurt and popsicles can bring joy amid hot and muggy days, so top off your fridges with these invigorating goodies amid summer.

Here’s a straightforward and sound Popsicle formula you can attempt at home:

Cut up new natural products (best are pineapple, oranges, strawberries and grapes). Press pineapples and oranges to make the juice. Put the organic products into Popsicle molds, abandoning some space at the top to be loaded with the juice. Include the fluids. Wrap every mold with plastic wrap and place in the cooler until firm.

  1. Wear baggy and light-hued attire

Tight and dull hued garments have a tendency to trap warmth originating from the sun, keeping our body feeling warm. For insurance when outside, its best to cover you up with baggy and light-shaded attire which reflects warmth, helping the body keep up ordinary temperatures.

  1. Wash up everyday

At the point when all else falls flat, cleaning up more than once regular never baffles. Regular showers help lower body temperature while additionally flushing off body sweat, making you feel a considerable measure more agreeable actually amid hot days.



Indian cooking is changed in taste and sort. Around 35% of Indians are strict Vegetarians while an alternate 30% are standard meat eaters. While it is hard to portray Indian food with our connecting it to the geographic areas, It is valid to say the Indian nourishment is by and large fiery. It is produced using Rice, Wheat flour, assortment of heartbeats, vegetables, foods grown from the ground. Indian curries are cooked in ghee, nut oil, mustard oil, coconut oil or gingili oil, contingent upon the area. Fish and meat are additionally piece of numerous formulas.

Indian food has a monstrous mixture – not simply the curry! Indian curry is a mix of blend browned goodies: chiefly onions, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes combined with flavors and seasonings. Include poultry, meat, poultry fish or simply vegetables – and you have a stew like zesty Indian curry.

Indian food has a monstrous mixture – not simply the curry! Indian curry is a mix of blend browned goodies: chiefly onions, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes combined with flavors and seasonings. Include poultry, meat, poultry fish or simply vegetables – and you have a stew like zesty Indian curry. Read More →

Once in briefly we need to keep ourselves excellent and in vogue. Certainty essentially can be constructed inside oneself as well as above all else with our physical appearance. One may imagine that it is charlatan to judge others through their looks yet there is a truth to that, we are regularly judged first by how we look and what we wear. With that, one ought to be sure that looking great makes a decent establishment to boosting that respect toward oneself. Nonetheless, we can’t simply look lovely without doing anything. Exploration and exertion are in fact required on the off chance that you need to look discernibly trendy.

On the planet today, we are loaded with a ton of patterns. Patterns which are evolving dependably! Turning into a Fashionista is not simple. On the other hand, we don’t need to stay aware of what the most recent plans in terms of extras and outfit. You could be your own self. We all adoration to display around with those creator mark things yet then, there is additionally a more modest way wherein one could demonstrate their design flare.

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India is the world’s second most populated nation on the planet with almost 1.35 billion individuals and is situated to overwhelm China’s populace in the following few years. Covering just 2.4 percent of the world’s territory range, the nation holds more than 15 percent of the worldwide populace making space here tight most definitely. Subsequently the individuals have grown up living on top of one another making them extremely tolerant. Just the monstrous African landmass has an all the more socially, hereditarily and etymologically different populace.

The individuals here so much reflect the glories of India’s past; the old civilizations, attacks, lords and rich society. Passed down through eras are the antiquated convictions, sustenance’s, propensities and other notably Indian quirks which make the populace of India a captivating race to witness. All over you go you find such emotional varieties in society, dialect, color and belief systems that it is not difficult to feel like you are consistently venturing out to altogether new nations daily when actually you may have just voyage 50 miles.

Indian Landscape: An alternate motivation behind why venture out to India ought to be at the highest priority on your rundown is the scene and Geography. I have said such a large number of times now about ‘India’s unimaginable diversities and unlimited contrasts’ yet I feel that this is the main expression sufficiently precise to aggregate this spot up. What’s more I am not going to stop now for this is unquestionably the best way to portray the emotional topography that assimilates its name on India. The most astounding mountain go on the planet makes the northern most outskirt before you head south and pass the wild, winding waterways, unlimited deltas, bone-dry deserts, downpour woods, wildernesses, outlandish islands and palm bordered shorelines. The nation covers all the tundra’s that make up the world and I set out say a couple of additional!


You can very nearly see the world in India while never taking off. Indeed individuals invest years going around and still neglect to view some of India’s finest views and scenes. What more would I be able to say separated from you truly need to see it for yourself to try and appreciate why set out to India simply offers a definitive experience. Read More →

Playing it my way” is a book written by a person who needs no introduction at all. He is God for Cricket Lovers, Global personality of inspiration to young generation, An adorable father, A lovable husband so on and so forth. The very epitome of the book speaks about the honesty that personifies Sachin Tendulkar the Master Blaster himself.


He says:- “I knew that if I agreed to write my story, I would have to be completely honest, as thats the way I have always played the game and that would mean talking about a number of things I have not addressed in public before. So here I am, at the end of my final innings, having taken that last walk back to the pavilion, ready to recount as many incidents as I can remember since first picking up a cricket bat as a child in Mumbai thirty-five years ago.” – Sachin Tendulkar

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