The urban Indian population is growing day by day and with it the green corners and the natural landscapes are diminishing at a much faster pace. Creating a small urban garden on the terrace or an organic kitchen garden, can help you create your own small place of leisure, rejuvenation and freshness. Here are some secrets of creating an amazing urban garden on your own:

  1. 1. For the first time gardeners

The right type of soil, nutrients, weather conditions and accurate sunlight – all matters for a plant to nurture beautifully. If you are considering creating a vegetable garden, you can start with the easier ones like tomatoes and chillies. First time gardeners should considerably begin with seedlings instead of seeds. Your plant will also regularly require – up-keeping, pruning, de- bugging and harvesting. One must remember, that a plant takes its own time to grow and reproduce and the key to a beautiful garden is just, ‘patience’.

first time gardens

  1. Kitchen garden on a terrace

Why go to the vegetable vendor, when you can pick fresh veggies from your very own vegetable garden! From brinjal to tomatoes, chillies, coriander, lime, cabbage and everything else – you can easily grow all of them on a terrace. You can also grow radish, potatoes, carrots and other root veggies, but they are going to require more space than the former.

kitchen garden

  1. Food for your plants

Adequate water and nutrient supply is a must requirement for your plant. For all the essential nutrients, preparing your own organic compost using vegetable leftovers may be the best for your plants, unless specifically required. The garden should be open to at least 6 hours of fixed sunlight and the plants should be watered twice a day in summers and once in winters. To save water, rain water harvesting should be encouraged during the monsoons. Adding water features in your garden also helps your garden look more sophisticated and cooler.

food for plants

  1. Recycle waste or unused materials

Be creative and turn old paint tins or tires into a plant pot! This not only gives a rustic look to your garden, but also helps reduce junk in the environment.

unused materials

If you do not have a terrace, it’s a feasible idea to use hanging pots in the balcony/wall instead. You can create hanging pots using paint tins and old cycle chains. Many orchids and leafy plants can grow superbly well in these pots.


Are you too bored of playing age old games like Candy Crush and Temple Run? It’s time for a change and the Google Play Store is now loaded with fresh and exciting new quests and challenges. Here are the 5 Best Android Games of 2016 that you need to download right on:

  1. Pokémon Go


Remember your childhood’s favourite cartoon? Well Pokémon just got real and now all your favourite characters viz. Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise and all others have come back to life. So, start walking around the neighbourhood, explore, locate, trade and catch Pokémon and beat all your friends.

  1. Marvel Avengers Academy

marvel avengers

If the Avengers Movie and the characters got you crazy, then this free Android game would surely drive you nuts. You have the supreme power of building your own superhero, reimagine them and play your favourite on the go. Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and our favourite Spiderman, are all set to get your training lessons, for the sole purpose of defeating our brutal enemy, Hydra.

  1. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

star wars

After all, it’s an EA Games and that too with the concept of Star Wars – a bombastic combination that has to be out of the world! With the new improvements, this role playing game would make your adrenaline levels go high and addict you to conquer your enemies. Some your favourite star wars characters would be Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, amongst others. You may also try Star Wars Uprising.

  1. FIFA 2016


Once, we loved it on PCs, and now it is ruling the app gaming world, since a decade. But this year, it is bigger, faster and better. The amazing graphics, the realistic detailing and to top it all, the enthralling football experience, would certainly make you feel like the god of football. However, this game does require a large free phone memory space.

  1. Clash Royale


A gift from Super Cell, if you had previously loved the Clash of the Clans, you are likely to fall in love with this one too! It’s a real time multiplayer game that clashes the royal characters of your clan. Knock down opposite royals and princes to win trophies and crown and share your triumph with your friends and the world.

All the listed games are available on iOS platform as well.

‘Food’ is a simple word understood by every living being on this earth irrespective of language. There are plenty of variants, culture, flavor, taste and shapes involved in defining food. Every region is tagged with some food that is regular and also special foods popular. Some foods are descendants from ancient cultures and are still continued as is been relished by many people, some foods are though delicious been ignored or totally forsaken lack of interest or time involved and buried.

healthy eating

These days we find several food related courses in education system like food and nutrition, hotel management, diet analysis, balanced diet, health issues and food, etc that are designed on researching on various aspects of food, this information is valuable as it treats several health hazards and also helps in stream lining life.

Nutrition is the sole aspect that is really interested as it helps us know the intake or avoidance of a particular food item. Rated on a scale of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins etc every food items value is identified. It is well known that the amount of chemical usage on every crop is damaging the human health with uninvited diseases like cancer and other ailments. This is a serious issue which needs to be addressed with good awareness programs. Farmers focus on productivity than the quality of crop raised. This is where the classes of awareness need to start for a better future.

Some ancient methods of farming need to be cycled back to produce quality yielding food crops. There are many natural ways of preparing manure that strengthens the plant and help in producing good variety of food in huge quantities. A procedure called Jeeva-Amrutham is prepared out of natural bi products like dried leaves, cow or buffalo dung, urine, animal remains and wastages, charcoal, coconut powder etc. Manure prepared like this not only gives quality food but it is also healthy for livelihood.

Anything that is consumed more than the stipulated limit ruins health though it is nutritious. A limit check on our intake of food is also an important issue to be considered when it comes to matters of health. The amount of calories an average human body needs per day according to National Health Service (NHS) is 2,500 calories for an average male and 2000 calories for an average female in order to maintain stable weight. This ratio varies as per the region a person located in and of course the average height.

Therefore vigilance on the food consumed and its quantity also need to be considered. Say a big no to food prepared instantly or fast rely on ancient food recipes and cooking methods for a better health and good future!

After the hot and sweaty summers, it’s that time of the year when you can get drenched under the natural showers and feel the joy of a romantic weather. But the rainy season also reminds us to build our immunity and take care of ourselves to avoid being bed struck. Here are the 8 Quick Healthcare Tips that everyone must follow in this Rainy Season:

healthcare tips

  1. With the onset of the rainy season, the episodes of mosquito related diseases like Malaria and Dengue, rage high. Prevent getting bitten by these nasty insects by using mosquito nets, insect repellents, anti- malarial drugs, wearing full sleeves and applying sunscreens.
  2. Do not forget to add these rain gears in your kitty – umbrella, raincoat, facial wipes, deodorant and other water resistant makeup essentials.
  3. Your feet are likely to get in the puddle. Protection comes first and fashion second. Always keep your feet covered to avoid fungal infections that may be associated with polluted rainy water and mud. Wear bellies, boots or canvas instead of flip flops and sandals.
  4. If you just rejoiced under the rain showers, it’s necessary that you immediately take a bath to help yourself protect against infections. Dry yourself well and sip over a cup of hot coffee or soup to avoid catching cold and fever.
  5. Watch what you eat during this rainy season. Your diet should definitely contain some Vitamin C enriched foods, which drives away infectious viruses from your body and help you develop antibodies. Vitamin C can be found in fruits like Oranges, Lemon, bananas, grapes, strawberries and in cucumbers, herbal tea and other bitter veggies. Avoid spicy foods and milk products. Also, do not forget to take plenty of water, to flush out extra toxins from your body.
  6. Never go directly under air conditioned rooms when your hair and body is wet. It’s essential that you keep your body temperature at moderate levels to avoid catching cold.
  7. Your skin is prone to getting damaged during the rainy season. Use soap free cleanser and a good scrubber, to clean your face daily. Follow it with a toner to clean your pores. Instead of a moisturiser, give a try to a serum based lotion to let your skin breathe and feel refreshed.

8. Your hair can grow in the rainy season, provided you follow some golden rules. Massage with lukewarm coconut oil before going to bed and wash your head with a mild shampoo and a conditioner after every alternative day. If your scalp feels dry and irritated, use Neem oil, to soothe itches and rashes.

India is the place for best culture & tourism. The bliss of nature is extensive in India. The beautiful greenery with rugged mountains at higher altitudes, wonderful sea coast expanded with luscious pristine beaches, rivers that pass through land masses making it fertile to make thick vegetation all over, the running water canals to serve the necessities of irrigation and other house hold needs, the dense forests that shelter wild life, migrated beautiful birds and manmade ancient mansions that hold historic significance like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Golconda Fort etc.


The Araku valley is a hill station located in Andhra Pradesh at Visakhapatnam. The journey to the Araku valley is most enjoyable. By train we will experience nice tunnel view and also the deep green landscape.

The means of travel to Araku valley is through road and rail ways. Start from Araku at Visakhapatnam early in the morning and return at night. They are about 100-58 tunnels and 84 bridges, the stations is located in hills at about 997 m above sea level, and it was the first highest broad-gauge station. Bike travel lovers will love the route of the Araku because either side of the road is completely coverd with thick forest and having 64 hairpin curves. Best time to visit Araku is November and February, the temperatures drop to four degrees during winter season.

In Araku valley coffee plantation is high and export of wood nestled in the Eastern Ghats, the valley has nice waterfalls and caves. Borra Caves is located deep in the earth at a height of 800-1300m from sea level. The nature carved Borra Caves stand for its beauty and there is a sun temple inside the caves. Galikondalu viewpoint at a height of 3,800 ft from sea level is the highest point with a beautiful view. A Botanical Garden, Tree houses and the Tribal Museum, Triblas perform their traditional Dhimsa dance in the evening.

In order to stay for a day or two there are many resorts available which serves good food.



Mumbai is the entertainment capital and India’s financial powerhouse, Mumbai is capital of Maharashtra and is the metropolis city of the state. Thane and Navi Mumbai is most heavily populated regions of India. Because of the seashore Mumbai became an important port for the British during their time of trade so, they constructed natural harbour. Mumbai city seems to have something for everyone. The colonial buildings in south Mumbai is the sight for everyone visiting the city the beauty of the building will be experienced in between Church gate and Colaba Mumbai having many places like Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus, Gateway of India, High Court and the Taj Mahal hotel that makes south Mumbai a quintessential area. The most beautiful place is the Marine Drive, a 3 km long path is very popular among walkers and couples at night from Marine Drive the city will be awesome with lights. Another great attraction is Haji Ali very famous to see Dargah about hundreds of thousands of visitors across all religions every week. There are many cotton mills around; therefore the cloth is available at best cheap price.

The trip will be incomplete unless you travel by the local trains and the taxi (yellow and black) only available as a local transportation and also new metro train is available. Food in Mumbai represents the city multi-culture from fancy restaurants to local food at all places in the Mumbai. When we move to local streets Pav bhaji, Malai gola, Kulfi, and Ice cream makes Mumbai most memorable place. We will also find the Mughlai food located right behind Taj Mahal Hotel. The Gate Way of India is a monument built during the 20th century in Mumbai is located on the waterfront in the Apollo Bunder area and overlooks the Arabian Sea. The Gate Way of India Arch is of 26m high and lies at the end of Chatrapati Shivaji Marg. In the earlier times it is the first structure that vistors arrive by boat. It is beside the Taj Mahal Hotel and is the best tourism spot. The Gate in New Delhi is similar to Gate Way of India in Mumbai



Kanyakumari is in Tamil Nadu state. It is the southernmost tip of peninsular India. The nearest town is Nagercoil the administrative headquarters of kanyaKumari District. It is the most visited place in the southernmost tip of India. Thiruvananthapuram is about a 86 km south east, it is the unique geographical phenomenon that witnesses the sunrise and sunset at the same beach. The town gets the name by hindu goddess KanyaKumari, Who having a temple to her. The Kanya Devi is called as the virgin goddess. For this only the KanyaKumari is holy place to hindus.

The small town houses Churches, Temples and Beaches. The most famous land mark is the Thiruvalluvar statue with 133ft tall. It is famous for the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, who decided to carry his message of peace all over the world. Many cultures are there in the major part of the city. In this town seafood is famous at the beach road. Best time to visit is October to March at that time temperatures are between 15C – 26C.

4. GOA


Goa is a dream to most of the students who celebrate bachelors party. Goa is well known for the plenty of beaches, churches, coconut orchards, shopping and water rides (sports). It is tiny state situated on the west coast of India, between borders of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Many places of worship in Goa draws tourists from all over the world. The place is full of churches every church tells the architectural spectacle of the construction and Sen Cathedral is one of the largest in Asia. The climate of Goa in May is the hottest and January, February coldest. Goa is the ultimate tourist destination in India and it is an union territory and having a wonderful beach line and wildlife. With roars and cheers all around the Goa life is a great festival for the people here. Most of the tourists believe in spending some time here rejuvenating and healing your inner self. To enjoy the sunset best place is Goa, the best time to visit Goa is monsoon season between mid July to September or November to mid February.

Goa is India’s one of the tourist placeand famous holiday destination. Some beaches are more famous in Goa Bogmalo,Velsao, Clova, Morbar, Cavelossim Beach. These are the most attractive beaches because of golden sands. Paradise for couples and evening strollers. To visit Goa we have rail, road and air ways, mostly Russian’s visit Goa compared to the other countries. In Goa travelling is very simple because you can rent a bike and roam around the city cost of petrol is less compare to other states. Accommodation is available from mid- high class; In Goa the cost of the Indian food is so high. The beaches with water rides are fun and the cost is low. Arambol beach is the most famous beach in Goa because most of the foreigners do different dances and singing etc.



Himachal pradesh is located in the northern region of india. The state is surrounded by Jammu and Kashmir it is fastest growing state in India. In january 2016, this state boats high level of village electrification about 17,484 of 17,495 villages. The offical language of state is Hindi It increased investments in the IT and Engineering Industries. This state is having wide range of policy and fiscal incentives for business. Tourism in Himachal Pradesh deals with the pilgrimage tourism and these houses exotic valleys, glorious green hill slopes, snow capped mountains and gushing streams. In summer, the fragrance of fresh flowers and coolness of the melting snow tampers the heat. The season to visit Himachal Pradesh is monsoon brings a lush greenery and beautiful water fall, the official language of state is hindi. It is the pilgrimage tourism spot around 6000 temples spread all over the state. Most of the people are hindus but buddhism also having a lot of influence in the state. Among the various temples Bijli Mahadeva is very famous temple and stupendous 65ft flagstaff is reputed to attract lightning every time the flagstaff is struck by lightning the shiva linga inside the temple is shattered. Nahan-Dehradun road is an important pilgrimage center for the sikhs. The Gurudwara on the bank of the Yamuna River is visited in the month of March.

Himachal Pradesh is famous for its nature tourism; is surrounded by
plenty of temples. Narkanda is at a height of about 8850 ft and 64 Km from Shimla on the Hindustan-Tibet road is famous for the apple orchards. Tourists drop at the hot springs of ManiKaram. This place is 45km away from the kullu town the Road from Kulu to Manali is flanked by lofty mountains and spreading forests this road is famous for the fruit orchards. The beautiful Dal Lake Triund and the kareri Lakes which is nearly 3000 m above sea level. For checking wildlife there is chail, Bird-watchers and wildlife find the forest around the chail. This state is world famous for its handicrafts and amazing pieces of art sold by the villagers. It is the place where beauty drops her image on almost everything and everywhere, before visiting the Himachal Pradesh travellers should collect some basic necessary information about the place to experience more. The best time to visit Himachal Pradesh is April to June.

Though most of us have heard that the capital of India is famous for its monuments and historical places like India Gate, Rashtapati Bhawan, Raj Ghat and others, a true picture of the city is way beyond that. If you want a thrilling Delhi experience, you must not miss these opportunities:


1. A gist of Old Delhi

The old Delhi was once a pride of the royals, but now the area is much loved by the ‘desi shopaholics’ and for the famous eateries of the ‘Paranthe wali gali’! The Chandni Chowk market is a rage for bridal and Indian wears and while you are here, the staple kulfi faluda and paranthes couldn’t be missed away. Besides the local fun, you must also visit the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid at Old Delhi.

2. Shopper’s Paradise

If you want to buy the most elegant Indian clothes at the cheapest prices, then the Lajpat Nagar Market and the Sarojini Market should be your pick. On the other hand, the riches and the brand conscious people usually shop at the Khan Market and Saket.

3. The Artistic View

The Crafts Museum at the Pragati Maidan exhibits more than twenty thousand Indian handicrafts that are dug out from different cultures of India. On the other hand, at the Delhi Dance Academy, you can witness the various traditional dance forms of India and even learn a move or two. Besides, you can also take a tour of the National Museum or Rail Museum to see the different facets of the Indian heritage. The Delhi Haat at INA and Pitampura is a beautifully decorated and an initiative by the government where local artisans from all over India display and sell their traditional customs and handicrafts.

4. The One stop relishing destination

The Hauz Khas Village and the nearby Garden of Five Senses are the best sites in Delhi where you can chill and plan out the rest of the journey. It is one of those few places in the city where you can enjoy the greens and taste all types of Indian and world cuisines, all under one roof! One can have a great time at the Kunzum Travel Café, where all the likeminded travellers meet and exchange travel stories and ideas.

Yes, that’s right! A fifteen minute body toning and cardio workout session can keep you fit and help maintain your shape! We understand how busy you are and how every second counts for your effective productivity. Therefore, this cleverly planned and insanely effective 15 minutes every day workout regime can be done at any time of the day and wherever you want and yet keep you healthy, lively and beautiful- to the fullest!


The Warm up session

A warm up session for three minutes is quintessentially important to activate your lazy body cells. ‘Steam Engines’ are effective warm up exercises wherein, while you are in the standing position, you raise your right knee and touch it with your left elbow and repeat the same with the right leg and pace up the exercise at a faster rate, each time.

Pushups and press ups

Press ups and pushups for 1 minute are body moves that not only help in shedding your abdomen and belly but also your chest and arms. For doing pushups, you need to lie flat on the floor with your face down and palms lying just beneath your shoulders. Slowly lift your body so that you can balance your body with your palms and toes, with back straight. Beginners can take help of bench or chairs.


One of the toughest exercises and thus the most effective one, the burpees can be done by first standing straight and then lowering your hands to the ground, followed by pushing your feet back up and out into the air. This move generates sweat and tones your abdomen, legs and arms. Do the sequence for at least 1 ½ minutes.

Step ups

The last part of the regime is way bit simpler. For this, you would need stairs or props where you can take one step up and then one leg down, alternatively, and repeat the sequence for at least 1 ½ minutes.

Repeat the Pushups, Burpees and Step Ups for at least three rounds to complete your daily 15 minute fitness regime and feel the difference in no more than ten days!

Time and again, the top notch fashion designers of the world have recreated their imaginations and de-codified and re-codified the conspicuous customs of India. However, the base idea still remains the same and is derived from those peculiar ethnicity and fashion sense of India, which is being passed on through generations in the form of tangible traditions. Though there are hundreds and thousands of truly ethnic India fashion wears, the following ones are the most popular:


1. The Saris

Whilst in the South you will find mesmerizing white saris with golden borders (like the Kavanis); the North Indians dazzle with bright red shades of saris (like the Banarasi silk), especially during auspicious ceremonies. The saris are a popular pick in parties (which includes the sensational Bollywood parties as well!) and are also a regular wear for home makers.

2. Kurta or Kurtis with Pajamas

The kurta/ kurti with Pajamas/Salwar/Patiala or Leggings is one of the most contemporary and comfortable Indian fashion wear that is worn throughout India. While in parties one may wear Anarkali dresses made of georgette or silk materials, regular office goers or home makers may choose to wear pure cotton and beautifully embroidered kurta or kurtis, instead.

3. Dhotis and Lungis

Whether stitched or open, the dhoti or lungi is a popular garment of the Bengalis and the South Indians, respectively. Though these fashion wears have now much been sided as a ceremonial wear, it was initially put on to beat the heat and humidity of the coastal areas. Wearing unstitched lungis or dhotis truly require some exceptional skills! It is typically a men fashion wear.

4. Lehenga Cholis

One may call it a combination of blouse and skirt, wrapped beautifully with an embroidered dupatta. The designs may vary from place to place and also with the occasion. For example, worn during the navratras, in Gujarat these are called Ghaghara Choli and are usually made of cotton. On the other hand, a North Indian bride may opt for silk or velvet Lehenga Choli.

Over generations and decades of mismatching the traditional fashion trends, these basic customs have been modified by the localities and also by the in- trend creative minds of several fashion designers. The stories of the ramps have been adapted by common people and one may find a variety of trendy Indian fashion wears in local stores, malls and now even online.

Eating in restaurants will definitely combat your ever craving gastronomic desires, but peace of mind and your tingling tongue could only be satisfied with a drooling Indian Street Food experience. If only you eat it from a hygienic location, these street foods are not only very budget friendly and keeps you filled for long hours, but also give you an authentic taste of real local Indian food. Having street food with your loved ones in India is also thought to enhance the relationship bond! Here are some of the most famous Indian Street foods that ought not to be missed:

1. Gol Gappe

When it comes to street food, nobody can miss out the Gol Gappe (or Batasha, Pani Puri, Pakodi, Gup Chup, Phulki, Puchka – as called in different regions). These balls of wonder are a hollow and a crispy puffed bread that is served with a peculiar stuffing that typically consists of smashed potato and chickpea, mint and jaljeera water and tamarind sauce. ‘The variation of stuffing is the identity of the place’.

2. Chaats

Dahi Bhalla, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Papdi Chaat and Raj Kachori are some of the most delicious dishes of North India, which are rejoiced India-wide. These dishes are topped with sweet beaten curd, mint and tamarind chutneys and Indian spices like chaat masalas, which triggers every center of your taste buds.

3. Chole Bathure or Kulche

An authentic Punjabi dish that consists of fried breads called Bathura and is served with spicy chick pea preparation (chana masala). The Bathure is often replaced with flatbreads called Kulche in North India.

4. Kathi Rolls

Originated in Bengal, this street food is a pick of every busy person! They are essential paranthas (or flat breads) that are rolled with stuffing like kebabs or tikkas.

5. Pav Bhaji

If you go to Mumbai, there would be hardly any person who hasn’t tasted this rich and spicy recipe. The Bhaji is typically made with potatoes, onions, tomatoes and other veggies and the Pav is a butter fried soft bread roll. To taste authentic Pav Bhaji, the Bhaji must be topped with chunks of butter!

6. Samosa and Jalebi

A must pick for an evening tea celebration! These samosas can be compared to puffs that are most lovingly stuffed with spiced potato mash and are best relished with mint chutneys. Complimenting this with syrup soaked sweet jalebis and condensed milk rabris, makes your evenings, even better, especially on a rainy day!

Every day we are being knowingly or unknowingly being exposed to hundreds and thousands of matters that we should never intake – be it pollution, unhealthy diet or the swaying microbes and allergens in the atmosphere. Perhaps it will take too long to completely eradicate pollution or the harmful effect of microbes, but what we can certainly do, is to take certain antidotes every day and procrastinate unhealthy eating habits to help remove harmful body toxins.

1. Cleansing the system

If you often feel fatigued, experience bloating, menstrual problems or mental confusion, have puffy and baggy eyes, and have unexplained and frequent low grade infections, allergies and dark circles, it’s possibly the right time to get your body cleansed. Cleansing or essentially detoxification is a program that rejuvenates all your vital organs and cleanses the impurities in your bloodstream. An effective detox program must include: a well monitored fasting regime, liver stimulation and toxin removal, improving blood circulation and feeding the body with healthy nutrients.

2. Detoxification diet

Once all your organs have worked together to detox your body, it’s time to feed your body with healthy nutrients. While juicing and smoothie recipes are popular detox diets, choosing the right ingredients is a prerequisite. Your recipes should be loaded with stuffs like beet, cabbage, broccoli, dandelion roots, Vitamin C, artichokes and processed algae like chlorella, seaweed and Spirulina. Drinking at least six glasses of water and two cups of green tea every day speeds up the detox process.

3. Sweating it out

Stress is one of the prime reasons of release of the toxins in your body. Such toxins can be effectively removed from our body by doing light exercises. Thirty minutes’ walk every day and breathing fresh oxygen, shakes off the excessive toxin load day by day. Yoga and Meditation are powerful exercise regimes that help in combatting stress and all associated ailments.