Yes, that’s right! A fifteen minute body toning and cardio workout session can keep you fit and help maintain your shape! We understand how busy you are and how every second counts for your effective productivity. Therefore, this cleverly planned and insanely effective 15 minutes every day workout regime can be done at any time of the day and wherever you want and yet keep you healthy, lively and beautiful- to the fullest!


The Warm up session

A warm up session for three minutes is quintessentially important to activate your lazy body cells. ‘Steam Engines’ are effective warm up exercises wherein, while you are in the standing position, you raise your right knee and touch it with your left elbow and repeat the same with the right leg and pace up the exercise at a faster rate, each time.

Pushups and press ups

Press ups and pushups for 1 minute are body moves that not only help in shedding your abdomen and belly but also your chest and arms. For doing pushups, you need to lie flat on the floor with your face down and palms lying just beneath your shoulders. Slowly lift your body so that you can balance your body with your palms and toes, with back straight. Beginners can take help of bench or chairs.


One of the toughest exercises and thus the most effective one, the burpees can be done by first standing straight and then lowering your hands to the ground, followed by pushing your feet back up and out into the air. This move generates sweat and tones your abdomen, legs and arms. Do the sequence for at least 1 ½ minutes.

Step ups

The last part of the regime is way bit simpler. For this, you would need stairs or props where you can take one step up and then one leg down, alternatively, and repeat the sequence for at least 1 ½ minutes.

Repeat the Pushups, Burpees and Step Ups for at least three rounds to complete your daily 15 minute fitness regime and feel the difference in no more than ten days!

 bikram yoga

Bikram Yoga is among the most popular yoga forms to the Western countries from India and does not needs an introduction. Developed and promoted by Bikram Choudhary this yoga form has been successful in generating a huge of enthusiasm for the 26 postures promoted by his school of yoga. It is also referred by the name hot yoga, as it promotes yoga practice in hot and humid classes. The ideal temperature of the room as required in this practice is 105 degree Fahrenheit with 40% humidity levels. Some of the critics attribute this practice as its biggest drawback of, as it causes dehydration among practitioners.

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