‘Food’ is a simple word understood by every living being on this earth irrespective of language. There are plenty of variants, culture, flavor, taste and shapes involved in defining food. Every region is tagged with some food that is regular and also special foods popular. Some foods are descendants from ancient cultures and are still continued as is been relished by many people, some foods are though delicious been ignored or totally forsaken lack of interest or time involved and buried.

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These days we find several food related courses in education system like food and nutrition, hotel management, diet analysis, balanced diet, health issues and food, etc that are designed on researching on various aspects of food, this information is valuable as it treats several health hazards and also helps in stream lining life.

Nutrition is the sole aspect that is really interested as it helps us know the intake or avoidance of a particular food item. Rated on a scale of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins etc every food items value is identified. It is well known that the amount of chemical usage on every crop is damaging the human health with uninvited diseases like cancer and other ailments. This is a serious issue which needs to be addressed with good awareness programs. Farmers focus on productivity than the quality of crop raised. This is where the classes of awareness need to start for a better future.

Some ancient methods of farming need to be cycled back to produce quality yielding food crops. There are many natural ways of preparing manure that strengthens the plant and help in producing good variety of food in huge quantities. A procedure called Jeeva-Amrutham is prepared out of natural bi products like dried leaves, cow or buffalo dung, urine, animal remains and wastages, charcoal, coconut powder etc. Manure prepared like this not only gives quality food but it is also healthy for livelihood.

Anything that is consumed more than the stipulated limit ruins health though it is nutritious. A limit check on our intake of food is also an important issue to be considered when it comes to matters of health. The amount of calories an average human body needs per day according to National Health Service (NHS) is 2,500 calories for an average male and 2000 calories for an average female in order to maintain stable weight. This ratio varies as per the region a person located in and of course the average height.

Therefore vigilance on the food consumed and its quantity also need to be considered. Say a big no to food prepared instantly or fast rely on ancient food recipes and cooking methods for a better health and good future!

After the hot and sweaty summers, it’s that time of the year when you can get drenched under the natural showers and feel the joy of a romantic weather. But the rainy season also reminds us to build our immunity and take care of ourselves to avoid being bed struck. Here are the 8 Quick Healthcare Tips that everyone must follow in this Rainy Season:

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  1. With the onset of the rainy season, the episodes of mosquito related diseases like Malaria and Dengue, rage high. Prevent getting bitten by these nasty insects by using mosquito nets, insect repellents, anti- malarial drugs, wearing full sleeves and applying sunscreens.
  2. Do not forget to add these rain gears in your kitty – umbrella, raincoat, facial wipes, deodorant and other water resistant makeup essentials.
  3. Your feet are likely to get in the puddle. Protection comes first and fashion second. Always keep your feet covered to avoid fungal infections that may be associated with polluted rainy water and mud. Wear bellies, boots or canvas instead of flip flops and sandals.
  4. If you just rejoiced under the rain showers, it’s necessary that you immediately take a bath to help yourself protect against infections. Dry yourself well and sip over a cup of hot coffee or soup to avoid catching cold and fever.
  5. Watch what you eat during this rainy season. Your diet should definitely contain some Vitamin C enriched foods, which drives away infectious viruses from your body and help you develop antibodies. Vitamin C can be found in fruits like Oranges, Lemon, bananas, grapes, strawberries and in cucumbers, herbal tea and other bitter veggies. Avoid spicy foods and milk products. Also, do not forget to take plenty of water, to flush out extra toxins from your body.
  6. Never go directly under air conditioned rooms when your hair and body is wet. It’s essential that you keep your body temperature at moderate levels to avoid catching cold.
  7. Your skin is prone to getting damaged during the rainy season. Use soap free cleanser and a good scrubber, to clean your face daily. Follow it with a toner to clean your pores. Instead of a moisturiser, give a try to a serum based lotion to let your skin breathe and feel refreshed.

8. Your hair can grow in the rainy season, provided you follow some golden rules. Massage with lukewarm coconut oil before going to bed and wash your head with a mild shampoo and a conditioner after every alternative day. If your scalp feels dry and irritated, use Neem oil, to soothe itches and rashes.

Every day we are being knowingly or unknowingly being exposed to hundreds and thousands of matters that we should never intake – be it pollution, unhealthy diet or the swaying microbes and allergens in the atmosphere. Perhaps it will take too long to completely eradicate pollution or the harmful effect of microbes, but what we can certainly do, is to take certain antidotes every day and procrastinate unhealthy eating habits to help remove harmful body toxins.

1. Cleansing the system

If you often feel fatigued, experience bloating, menstrual problems or mental confusion, have puffy and baggy eyes, and have unexplained and frequent low grade infections, allergies and dark circles, it’s possibly the right time to get your body cleansed. Cleansing or essentially detoxification is a program that rejuvenates all your vital organs and cleanses the impurities in your bloodstream. An effective detox program must include: a well monitored fasting regime, liver stimulation and toxin removal, improving blood circulation and feeding the body with healthy nutrients.

2. Detoxification diet

Once all your organs have worked together to detox your body, it’s time to feed your body with healthy nutrients. While juicing and smoothie recipes are popular detox diets, choosing the right ingredients is a prerequisite. Your recipes should be loaded with stuffs like beet, cabbage, broccoli, dandelion roots, Vitamin C, artichokes and processed algae like chlorella, seaweed and Spirulina. Drinking at least six glasses of water and two cups of green tea every day speeds up the detox process.

3. Sweating it out

Stress is one of the prime reasons of release of the toxins in your body. Such toxins can be effectively removed from our body by doing light exercises. Thirty minutes’ walk every day and breathing fresh oxygen, shakes off the excessive toxin load day by day. Yoga and Meditation are powerful exercise regimes that help in combatting stress and all associated ailments.

As stated “Prevention is better than Cure”, every disease can be prevented if not cured. Likewise Diabetes is one such disease which can be delayed if it is hereditary. Our lifestyle speaks volumes of our health condition. We need no test to confirm our health condition stable, the way we lead our life says enough of our current health condition.
TPThese days we very often see people getting attacked with high per tensions, heart attacks, diabetes, kidney failure, lung infections etc.. This frequency rate is very less 30 years back when compared to todays. The reasons are ample enough to discuss. The sophistication in every walk of life engulfed with technology is a prime accuser to list out. At the same time giving space voluntarily to such sophistication and blaming the technology is also not recommended. Perhaps at the end of the day it is your life which is on stake but not technology.

They are much advancement made in our daily routines starting from cooking at home to working at office and the means of commuting adapted. Despite all this take a pause and think about the repercussions occurred due to this kind of life style and make small amendments that make your life beautiful and lengthen perhaps.

After reaching a certain age like 30 plus we need to adapt to a lifestyle where we get enough physical exercise and balanced diet to keep our body mass apt on scale depending on the height. These cautious measures not only keep health ailments at bay but also delay all kinds of hereditary diseases.

Let us take an example of Diabetes,though Diabetes is considered genetic proper planning in lifestyle would make wonders in keeping the disease at bay. Healthy lifestyle involves

  • Waking up early in the morning to go for a brisk walk or jogging or yoga.
  • Start the day with a warm green tea and quick break fast
  • Switch on to your daily routine and break for a fast lunch with a cup of cereals and lots of veggie.
  • Snack out with fruits or less oil food.
  • End the night meal with roti or phulka with a glass of milk and tuck into your bed to start the same routine the next morning.

These little steps seem to look simple but need to be followed properly to fetch great results in building up your confidence levels apart from good health.

Many of the professions are sedentary these days so working out on physical perspective is a must, this not only reduces your stress levels but also keeps blood sugar levels constant. Diabetes is one such disease which ruins your life when not diagnosed and treated properly, unhygienic and hereditable conditions owe in getting affected with this disease.

As stated” health is wealth “and real wealth cannot compete with this slogan and is mere useless how much ever you earn if you have no health. So I sign off with this note and wish all my bloggers a healthy life.

Young and youthful look is certainly not just a boon but some little care in diet would yield oodles of joy and helps in building up confidence levels for any individual. Everybody dream of a perfect shape and attractive looks all the time, this can be owned by following some diet tips and regular inclusive of the below foods that add color and caste to that wonderful awesome youthful look.


  • Apple is a wonderful fruit that is available throughout the year and makes wonders in dealing with cardiovascular health and prevent dementia. The fruit is affordable widely seen in winter and has lot of health benefits. Therefore stock up of this juicy fruit.

  • Orange rich in vitamin C helps in fighting cold and cough by rising immunity levels. Keeps antibiotics at bay on regular usage. So loads of this need to be stocked home.

  • Green vegetable like spinach adds a dash of taste and health to your diet which is extremely nutritious and is more likely seen in winter.

  • The rich in protein groundnuts are must to have in any season fried, salted, or plain. Generates good amount of heat to the body and keeps warm in winter.

  • Carrot considered to be the gift of nature is rich in vitamins B,C,D,E and K. Make it a point to consume carrot once in a week either in the form of sweet, salad, dessert, or a steamy curry.

  • Kiwi is another exotic fruit rich in vitamin C. Good to have in breakfast or as an evening snack. Mostly used in salads to enhance the taste and is a sweetening agent.

  • Nuts and Dried fruits are good in retaining large amount of nutritious quotient of fresh fruits. Effectively combats health risks and keep your metabolic rate balanced in any season.

Though they are wide range of nature gifted foods available round the year that really help in accelerating health, beauty and immunity, knowing about its properties might give us some extra information on to haves and have not’s . Feast on veggies and fruits regularly not only refresh one’s mind and soul but also lengthen happy life time.



When this very term “physical Fitness” comes into our mind we naturally think of sports persons, body builders, weight lifters, gymnasts etc. But, this is not just confined to them only. One can be physically fit with proper exercise routines, diets and healthy life style. There is a stern necessity of keeping physically fit which combats diseases, laziness, sedentary life style and other bodily ailments. Not only the outer body remains fit but also the inner and mental ability inside improves drastically. Feel the difference by exercising regularly for 10 days, the outcome would really surprise you


Apart from regular exercise routines a healthy diet combo would make wonders to your body and mind. A balanced diet with all fruits, cereals, veggies that give protein, fiber, calcium, iron etc would help in building up of the body muscle and stamina that gives you energy to be tolerant with all disabilities. A healthy state of mind and body is obviously a boon. Go through the below factors that physical fitness contributes.

  • Builds up the relative amount of fat, muscle, bone and other vital parts of the body with a good amount of body composition.
  • The ability of a muscle group to exert force is multiplied by storing in enough strength.
  • Improvises cardiovascular fitness by proper supply of oxygen to respiratory system, circulatory system.
  • Flexibility in stretching the body for various body postures. Helps joints move with ease.
  • The ability of muscles to continue to perform repeated contractions against sub maximal resistance.
  • Improves agility that contributes its part in changing the position of the body in time and space with speed and accuracy.
  • Maintains equilibrium while moving or stationary giving a balanced sense of state.
  • Good coordination with sense organs in sensing, sighting, hearing and tasting for smooth and accurate execution.
  • Power in applying maximum force in minimum amount of time.
  • Speed, stamina, accuracy, reaction time, health, nutrition and wellness are few of the factors bagged.

At the end of the day physical fitness help us live longer, fuller and happier.

The plant of immortality that heals all health and outer body problems is a boon given to human beings by the Gods above. The plant is widely grown in arid regions, as it consumes less water to survive it can be harvested in low rainfall and arid regions. The plant stores water in its leaves and gives a succulent fresh look.


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The ultimate source of energy and strength is of course the food we consume on a daily basis, good and healthy eating habits keep all your skin, hair and healthy related problems at bay. Every food item you consume holds some nutritional benefits that add up to a particular body part.

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 hair loss

Premature loss of hair is a common issue these days. It is a type of early baldness and results in a person looking older than his/her actual age. Due to the increasing bad eating habits, pollution and stress many people suffer from issues like hair loss. In various cases people rely on quick hair gain solutions commercially available in the market and resultantly, they lose more hair than they expect to gain. The problem is common but is there no solution available for this? Certainly there is! But it is important to understand any problem deeply before looking for its cures.

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