With a vibrant and a conspicuous culture of India, we, the people of India have developed peerless taste buds and culinary skills. Here are the top 10 Indian Cuisines and Delicacies to binge on that has got regional significance:

  1. Delhi
  2. tad 1The cuisine of Delhi is an amalgamation of different cultures. From the famous Rabri- Kulfi- Faluda Chaat to the Paranthe Wali Gali at Chandni Chowk – the capital has got a cuisine of itself that is cherished by the rest of India. Popular dishes to try here are: Kathi Roll, Gol Gappas, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Momos, Shahi Paneer, Butter Chicken and Nihari Mutton in Old Delhi.
  1. Kolkata

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With a rich historical significance, Kolkata is just not about Maach- Bhaat. The Bengalis have a hinge towards the sweeter palate and have experimented with tropical fruits and vegetables since centuries. Some of the must have recipes on all grand Bengali occasions are – Shukto, Chanar Daal, Aalur Dom, Doi Maach, Malai Chingri, Aamer Chaatni, Paayesh, Eelish Bhapa, Mutton Kosha and the unquestionable Rasogolla.

  1. Mumbai

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Amidst the hustle bustle of the business capital of India, Mumbai have developed a distinct cuisine style that is meant for the fast pacers. Eat- as you- go is their style and some of the famous dishes to binge on here are Mumbai Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Kaandha Poha, Shakkar Pada, Sabudana Vada,, Puran Poli and Ganesha’s favourite Modak.

  1. Chennai

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To keep away the heat and sweat of the coast, people of Chennai and Tamil Nadu prefer eating something light and healthy that gives them a sense of fulfilment all day long. Today, south Indian dishes like Dosa, Sambhar Vada, Idli, Rasam and Payasam are experimented worldwide and cherished by even the people of West due to their high nutritional values.

  1. Kashmir

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Contrary to the South, the people of Kashmir developed a taste that will keep their body warm and protected from the crazy Himalayan cold waves. They love spices, saffron and dry fruits and their favourite recipes are Mutton Rogan Josh, Dum Aaloo, Kahwa, Muji Gaad, Aab Gosht and Modur Pulav.

  1. Rajasthan


The city of the royals eat everything in the classic king style. Being quite dry throughout the year, Rajasthanis, and especially Western Rajasthanis, prepare food that can resist spoilage for a long time and thus, you can usually see their food laid with Pure Ghee and Rich Spices. Popular food to try here are: Dal Bati Churma, Laal Maas, Mohan Maas, Ker Sangri, Gatte Ki Sabzi and Mawa Kachori.

7. Hyderabad

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The pride of the South – the land was once ruled by the Nizams who couldn’t do a day without the epic Hyderabadi Biryani! Living the tradition till date, people of Hyderabad and those visiting this city can rarely miss the chance of dunking in the Biryanis and the Kebabs. Some of the other dishes that cannot be missed here are: Dum Pukht, Paaya, Maghaz Masala, Boti Kebab, Qabooli Biryani and Hyderabadi Marag.



Did you think that it’s all about sweetness in Gujarat? Well, definitely the people are, but, not their cuisine! Gujarati cuisine has a pleasant taste that hits four of your taste sensations at a go – sweet, salt, sour and spice. Reminder – you will get only pure vegetarian dishes here! Dishes that you may like here are Dhokla, Khandvi, Shrikhand, Thepla, Undhiyu, Kadhi and of course the evergreen Gujarati street food Fafda and Jalebi.

  1. Sikkim

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The best of the North East cuisine can be tasted at Sikkim. The Sikkimese cuisine is much recognized with their flavourful and delicious Thukpas and Momos. Besides enjoying the scenic beauty and admiring the monasteries of Sikkim, popular dishes to try out here are: Gya Thuk or Thukpa, Daal Baat, Phagshapa and the world famous Sikkimese Momos.

  1. Punjab


Last, but not the least – when talking about Indian cuisines, how we can ever miss out Punjab – the Baadshah of food makers in India. Laid with pure white butter and a sinfully rich aroma, popular dishes to try here are: Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, Rajma Chawal, Chole Bhature, Sarson ka Saag with Makkhi Di Roti, Tandoori Chicken, Amritsari Fish, Paneer Tikka and then compliment everything with the refreshing Lassi Malai Maar Ke or Chaanch!

Diwali is rightly called as the festival of lights and feasts. When we think of Diwali, we are not only reminded of lights, prayers, crackers and Rangoli, but, very much about gujiyas, namkeens and hundreds of other mouth-watering sweets and savouries. Here are the topmost Traditional Diwali Recipes 2016 to offer and welcome Lord Rama and Goddess Laxmi:

  1. Gajar Halwa

It’s the beginning of the winter season and you can find some fresh and juicy carrot in the Indian veggie market.

Gajar Halwa

  • Wash, peel and then grate about 2 kg of carrots.
  • Take a deep bottom pan and add 4 tbsp. of ghee and half fry the grated carrots for about 7-8 minutes under low sim.
  • Add about 5 cups of full cream milk plus 100 gms. of grated khoya or 100ml of condensed milk. Mix well. Add about 1 tsp. of cardamom powder.
  • Boil the milk and let it simmer, until condensed.
  • Add 1 cup of cane sugar or diet sugar (if using unsweetened khoya) and reduce the milk completely. Cool.
  • Add 1 tbsp. of ghee and garnish with crushed cashew, raisins, saffron, silver leaf and pistachio.
  1. Kaju Katli

The creaminess and the slight sugary touch of this sweet has made it India’s most favourite sweet dish and it is a popular Diwali gift option as well.

Kaju Katli

  • Powder about 500gm of cashews in a dry grinder to form a fine powder.
  • Heat the pan and add ½ cup of water and 1 cup of sugar to form fine sugar syrup and add the entire powdered cashew in it.
  • Add a few drops of kewra water and mix the mixture on low heat. Turn off the heat and cool the mixture slightly.
  • Spread the dough with the help of a rolling pin and let it set on a greased plate. Cool it. Cut barfis into diamond shape.
  • Use silver leaf and chopped pistachios to decorate.
  1. Namak Pare

Too much sugar this Diwali? Balance your taste buds with this delicious savoury recipe of Namak Pare:

Namak Pare

  • Mix 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 1 tbsp. of semolina, salt to taste, 2 tbsp. ghee and mix the flour well.
  • Thoroughly knead to make thick dough and let it set for 30 minutes.
  • Spread some flour dust and roll out the dough into a thin chapatti and cut out diamond shaped pieces from it.
  • Heat oil and deep fry these pieces until light brown.
  • Remove the namak pare on a tissue paper and let it cool to gain colour, consistency and taste.

Wish you all a very happy and delightful Diwali!

Eating in restaurants will definitely combat your ever craving gastronomic desires, but peace of mind and your tingling tongue could only be satisfied with a drooling Indian Street Food experience. If only you eat it from a hygienic location, these street foods are not only very budget friendly and keeps you filled for long hours, but also give you an authentic taste of real local Indian food. Having street food with your loved ones in India is also thought to enhance the relationship bond! Here are some of the most famous Indian Street foods that ought not to be missed:

1. Gol Gappe

When it comes to street food, nobody can miss out the Gol Gappe (or Batasha, Pani Puri, Pakodi, Gup Chup, Phulki, Puchka – as called in different regions). These balls of wonder are a hollow and a crispy puffed bread that is served with a peculiar stuffing that typically consists of smashed potato and chickpea, mint and jaljeera water and tamarind sauce. ‘The variation of stuffing is the identity of the place’.

2. Chaats

Dahi Bhalla, Aloo Tikki Chaat, Papdi Chaat and Raj Kachori are some of the most delicious dishes of North India, which are rejoiced India-wide. These dishes are topped with sweet beaten curd, mint and tamarind chutneys and Indian spices like chaat masalas, which triggers every center of your taste buds.

3. Chole Bathure or Kulche

An authentic Punjabi dish that consists of fried breads called Bathura and is served with spicy chick pea preparation (chana masala). The Bathure is often replaced with flatbreads called Kulche in North India.

4. Kathi Rolls

Originated in Bengal, this street food is a pick of every busy person! They are essential paranthas (or flat breads) that are rolled with stuffing like kebabs or tikkas.

5. Pav Bhaji

If you go to Mumbai, there would be hardly any person who hasn’t tasted this rich and spicy recipe. The Bhaji is typically made with potatoes, onions, tomatoes and other veggies and the Pav is a butter fried soft bread roll. To taste authentic Pav Bhaji, the Bhaji must be topped with chunks of butter!

6. Samosa and Jalebi

A must pick for an evening tea celebration! These samosas can be compared to puffs that are most lovingly stuffed with spiced potato mash and are best relished with mint chutneys. Complimenting this with syrup soaked sweet jalebis and condensed milk rabris, makes your evenings, even better, especially on a rainy day!

Satiate your palate with mouth watering delicacies to give it a change from regular food. This idea not only rejuvenates your taste buds but also gives fine refreshing feel to the entire body system. After all we need some sense of recreation to all the sense organs, so this is for the tongue.


Here are some delicacies of Hyderabad which everyone should taste in a life time:

Hyderabadi Biryani: The very name Hyderabad known for its popular dish Biryani is world famous and is joined with Biryani the moment the name is heard. The nawaabhi style of cooking and delicacies are already a big hit in the city of Hyderabad. One must venture out to place like Hyderabad for sure to have a taste of Hyderabad nawaab’s.

The delicacy is steam cooked with mutton, chicken mixed up with layered rice and herb’s to enhance the taste. People love to have this delicacy any time in the day irrespective of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Paaya: This spicy preparation is made by roasted herbs and goat trotters, when served pipping hot it serves as a remedy for running nose or cold, a sense of great relief is experienced when had it with rice or roti. The succulent flavors of Paaya is drawn by fine roasted herbs. It is a must to taste dish if you are happen to be in Hyderabad.

Boti Kebab: The tender mutton marinated with fresh garden herbs, curd, and lemon and burnt in traditional oven is just so delicious and melts in mouth if consumed hot. Serving this dish on a rainy day would tickle your taste buds and rejuvenates your energy levels back to youth.

Murgh do Pyaza: The preparation is simple and mouth watering to taste, made of fresh chicken, and lots of onions and tomatoes for gravy and of course the herbs in its place to extend the taste. Eaten with roti and rice is a good

Sheer Khurma: This vermicelli pudding is a sweet savour to wind up a lavish meal with honor, Made out of milk, dry fruits, and thin vermicelli. The cardamom powder and crunchy dry fruits adds up to the milk flavor is tasted for many occasions in Hyderabad, specially for Eid.


Indian cooking is changed in taste and sort. Around 35% of Indians are strict Vegetarians while an alternate 30% are standard meat eaters. While it is hard to portray Indian food with our connecting it to the geographic areas, It is valid to say the Indian nourishment is by and large fiery. It is produced using Rice, Wheat flour, assortment of heartbeats, vegetables, foods grown from the ground. Indian curries are cooked in ghee, nut oil, mustard oil, coconut oil or gingili oil, contingent upon the area. Fish and meat are additionally piece of numerous formulas.


Indian food has a monstrous mixture – not simply the curry! Indian curry is a mix of blend browned goodies: chiefly onions, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes combined with flavors and seasonings. Include poultry, meat, poultry fish or simply vegetables – and you have a stew like zesty Indian curry.

Indian food has a monstrous mixture – not simply the curry! Indian curry is a mix of blend browned goodies: chiefly onions, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes combined with flavors and seasonings. Include poultry, meat, poultry fish or simply vegetables – and you have a stew like zesty Indian curry. Read More →


Portuguese Cuisine, which is easy to prepare is often described as peasant food. Though it looks simple and the method of preparation is easy, there is no match for taste which we get from the Portuguese food. The simplicity of the Portuguese dishes is such that they can be prepared in a single pot on open fire. The flavor of olive, garlic, onions, herbs and unique spices make them wonderful and aromatic.

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