Time and again, the top notch fashion designers of the world have recreated their imaginations and de-codified and re-codified the conspicuous customs of India. However, the base idea still remains the same and is derived from those peculiar ethnicity and fashion sense of India, which is being passed on through generations in the form of tangible traditions. Though there are hundreds and thousands of truly ethnic India fashion wears, the following ones are the most popular:


1. The Saris

Whilst in the South you will find mesmerizing white saris with golden borders (like the Kavanis); the North Indians dazzle with bright red shades of saris (like the Banarasi silk), especially during auspicious ceremonies. The saris are a popular pick in parties (which includes the sensational Bollywood parties as well!) and are also a regular wear for home makers.

2. Kurta or Kurtis with Pajamas

The kurta/ kurti with Pajamas/Salwar/Patiala or Leggings is one of the most contemporary and comfortable Indian fashion wear that is worn throughout India. While in parties one may wear Anarkali dresses made of georgette or silk materials, regular office goers or home makers may choose to wear pure cotton and beautifully embroidered kurta or kurtis, instead.

3. Dhotis and Lungis

Whether stitched or open, the dhoti or lungi is a popular garment of the Bengalis and the South Indians, respectively. Though these fashion wears have now much been sided as a ceremonial wear, it was initially put on to beat the heat and humidity of the coastal areas. Wearing unstitched lungis or dhotis truly require some exceptional skills! It is typically a men fashion wear.

4. Lehenga Cholis

One may call it a combination of blouse and skirt, wrapped beautifully with an embroidered dupatta. The designs may vary from place to place and also with the occasion. For example, worn during the navratras, in Gujarat these are called Ghaghara Choli and are usually made of cotton. On the other hand, a North Indian bride may opt for silk or velvet Lehenga Choli.

Over generations and decades of mismatching the traditional fashion trends, these basic customs have been modified by the localities and also by the in- trend creative minds of several fashion designers. The stories of the ramps have been adapted by common people and one may find a variety of trendy Indian fashion wears in local stores, malls and now even online.

Once in briefly we need to keep ourselves excellent and in vogue. Certainty essentially can be constructed inside oneself as well as above all else with our physical appearance. One may imagine that it is charlatan to judge others through their looks yet there is a truth to that, we are regularly judged first by how we look and what we wear. With that, one ought to be sure that looking great makes a decent establishment to boosting that respect toward oneself. Nonetheless, we can’t simply look lovely without doing anything. Exploration and exertion are in fact required on the off chance that you need to look discernibly trendy.


On the planet today, we are loaded with a ton of patterns. Patterns which are evolving dependably! Turning into a Fashionista is not simple. On the other hand, we don’t need to stay aware of what the most recent plans in terms of extras and outfit. You could be your own self. We all adoration to display around with those creator mark things yet then, there is additionally a more modest way wherein one could demonstrate their design flare.

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If you can’t stop thinking of the day when you will open a magazine or watch the Oscars and see a famous celebrity in one of your designed cloths. Famous fashion designers come from all walks of life and there is no specific system to follow that will have you become the next famous fashion designer.

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