Whether you are planning to join a professional course like MBBS, Engineering or MBA or perhaps willing to get entry into the government sector – cracking competitive exams is the only gate and the biggest hurdle for building a successful career. Here’s how you must proceed about it:
1. Know what is required
Download the previous year Advertisement/ Brochure of the exam and jot down all the necessary points – including eligibility, special cases, number of seats/ vacancy, date of exam, syllabus etc. and then you must start planning your routine accordingly.


2. How to proceed?
Be it IIT, AIPMT, CAT, UPSC or other civil/ state or government services exam, you must follow the previous year question papers to know what is being actually asked. For instance, if you see the pattern of UPSC exams for the last two years, then, you would find that you would require stressing on Current Affairs and NCERTs, more than anything else. Therefore, knowing the pattern is of utmost importance so that you can save your time and invest your energy in the right track. In today’s competitive exams, tricks and shortcuts play a crucial role. Giving thorough revisions and brushing each chapter with practice tests, helps you to fetch top scores in competitive exams.
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3. Enrolling into a program
You must know that at the end of the day, it is you who have to study. No online/ offline competitive exam study classes can give 100% attention to each student. What is really important is their guidance, practice test series, reviews and doubt solving classes. Before you enrol into any coaching classes, you should keep in mind that:
• It should be of good repute and the ratio of teacher: student should be minimal.
• You must be provided with a series of practice tests every week and the scores should be compared countrywide.
• The coaching centre should conduct doubt clearing sessions for every student.
• It is always better to do self-study for at least 6 hours a day. Join a test series to weigh where you actually stand.
3. Managing Stress
It’s true that until you actually crack the exam, you would eventually be stressed! But trust us- stress can dislocate your mental peace and hamper your concentration. To combat this stressful exam fever, here is what you need to do:

• First of all, you would need to count on how many days are left for your exam and then accordingly you should start setting your biological clock. Most competitive exams require a preparation time of 6- 8 months at the least, which means you should at least invest 7-8 hours on your studies as a daily routine.
• Though setting time tables generally turn futile, your biological clock won’t! Train your brain to get up at a specific time and never extend your working hours. Good sleep helps you to perform better and apt.
• Keep all your gadgets turned off whilst you study and most importantly, you must constantly assess yourself and strive to improve your scores to be completely stress- free on the big day.
• Spend rest of your time in leisure activity, playing sports, being active and doing ample of exercise to let the oxygen seep into your brain cells and improve your concentration power.
• Eat healthy, eat lots of vegetables and never rely on supplements and junk foods.

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