Are you too bored of playing age old games like Candy Crush and Temple Run? It’s time for a change and the Google Play Store is now loaded with fresh and exciting new quests and challenges. Here are the 5 Best Android Games of 2016 that you need to download right on:

  1. Pokémon Go


Remember your childhood’s favourite cartoon? Well Pokémon just got real and now all your favourite characters viz. Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise and all others have come back to life. So, start walking around the neighbourhood, explore, locate, trade and catch Pokémon and beat all your friends.

  1. Marvel Avengers Academy

marvel avengers

If the Avengers Movie and the characters got you crazy, then this free Android game would surely drive you nuts. You have the supreme power of building your own superhero, reimagine them and play your favourite on the go. Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and our favourite Spiderman, are all set to get your training lessons, for the sole purpose of defeating our brutal enemy, Hydra.

  1. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

star wars

After all, it’s an EA Games and that too with the concept of Star Wars – a bombastic combination that has to be out of the world! With the new improvements, this role playing game would make your adrenaline levels go high and addict you to conquer your enemies. Some your favourite star wars characters would be Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, amongst others. You may also try Star Wars Uprising.

  1. FIFA 2016


Once, we loved it on PCs, and now it is ruling the app gaming world, since a decade. But this year, it is bigger, faster and better. The amazing graphics, the realistic detailing and to top it all, the enthralling football experience, would certainly make you feel like the god of football. However, this game does require a large free phone memory space.

  1. Clash Royale


A gift from Super Cell, if you had previously loved the Clash of the Clans, you are likely to fall in love with this one too! It’s a real time multiplayer game that clashes the royal characters of your clan. Knock down opposite royals and princes to win trophies and crown and share your triumph with your friends and the world.

All the listed games are available on iOS platform as well.

‘Food’ is a simple word understood by every living being on this earth irrespective of language. There are plenty of variants, culture, flavor, taste and shapes involved in defining food. Every region is tagged with some food that is regular and also special foods popular. Some foods are descendants from ancient cultures and are still continued as is been relished by many people, some foods are though delicious been ignored or totally forsaken lack of interest or time involved and buried.

healthy eating

These days we find several food related courses in education system like food and nutrition, hotel management, diet analysis, balanced diet, health issues and food, etc that are designed on researching on various aspects of food, this information is valuable as it treats several health hazards and also helps in stream lining life.

Nutrition is the sole aspect that is really interested as it helps us know the intake or avoidance of a particular food item. Rated on a scale of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins etc every food items value is identified. It is well known that the amount of chemical usage on every crop is damaging the human health with uninvited diseases like cancer and other ailments. This is a serious issue which needs to be addressed with good awareness programs. Farmers focus on productivity than the quality of crop raised. This is where the classes of awareness need to start for a better future.

Some ancient methods of farming need to be cycled back to produce quality yielding food crops. There are many natural ways of preparing manure that strengthens the plant and help in producing good variety of food in huge quantities. A procedure called Jeeva-Amrutham is prepared out of natural bi products like dried leaves, cow or buffalo dung, urine, animal remains and wastages, charcoal, coconut powder etc. Manure prepared like this not only gives quality food but it is also healthy for livelihood.

Anything that is consumed more than the stipulated limit ruins health though it is nutritious. A limit check on our intake of food is also an important issue to be considered when it comes to matters of health. The amount of calories an average human body needs per day according to National Health Service (NHS) is 2,500 calories for an average male and 2000 calories for an average female in order to maintain stable weight. This ratio varies as per the region a person located in and of course the average height.

Therefore vigilance on the food consumed and its quantity also need to be considered. Say a big no to food prepared instantly or fast rely on ancient food recipes and cooking methods for a better health and good future!