Satiate your palate with mouth watering delicacies to give it a change from regular food. This idea not only rejuvenates your taste buds but also gives fine refreshing feel to the entire body system. After all we need some sense of recreation to all the sense organs, so this is for the tongue.


Here are some delicacies of Hyderabad which everyone should taste in a life time:

Hyderabadi Biryani: The very name Hyderabad known for its popular dish Biryani is world famous and is joined with Biryani the moment the name is heard. The nawaabhi style of cooking and delicacies are already a big hit in the city of Hyderabad. One must venture out to place like Hyderabad for sure to have a taste of Hyderabad nawaab’s.

The delicacy is steam cooked with mutton, chicken mixed up with layered rice and herb’s to enhance the taste. People love to have this delicacy any time in the day irrespective of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Paaya: This spicy preparation is made by roasted herbs and goat trotters, when served pipping hot it serves as a remedy for running nose or cold, a sense of great relief is experienced when had it with rice or roti. The succulent flavors of Paaya is drawn by fine roasted herbs. It is a must to taste dish if you are happen to be in Hyderabad.

Boti Kebab: The tender mutton marinated with fresh garden herbs, curd, and lemon and burnt in traditional oven is just so delicious and melts in mouth if consumed hot. Serving this dish on a rainy day would tickle your taste buds and rejuvenates your energy levels back to youth.

Murgh do Pyaza: The preparation is simple and mouth watering to taste, made of fresh chicken, and lots of onions and tomatoes for gravy and of course the herbs in its place to extend the taste. Eaten with roti and rice is a good

Sheer Khurma: This vermicelli pudding is a sweet savour to wind up a lavish meal with honor, Made out of milk, dry fruits, and thin vermicelli. The cardamom powder and crunchy dry fruits adds up to the milk flavor is tasted for many occasions in Hyderabad, specially for Eid.


India was a rich source of knowledge to impart morals, ethics, logic, and technology in ancient days. As per the known Indian heritage we have plenty of evidences in form of vedic mathematics, medicine, art, culture and crafts. They are people pioneered and now still serving as Indian Legacies in respective fields. It is said that people used to travel from far off distances round the world to learn from masters in India. This rich heritage of India is in serious drought.


Schooling Age: The current education system when talked about from schooling to Universities; many flaws in the system of learning is experienced. An infant at the stage of infancy is compelled to a system of listening to various sounds and images; this very tuning is made at that level giving very little room for the child to grow naturally with natural exposure. Though the system gives a name like IQ etc., the process adopted is totally weird.

There is lot of mental stress on the child when he/she reaches at an age of 2, the child is already in school learning reading and writing methods. There is a constant vigilance of parents and the school on the child in every move made. The age where they are meant to play and have fun is stolen and burdened with loads of books and activities, where this is not the case 20 years back where schools minimum age to admit was 5years.

Pressure of Rankings: The heavy competition scenario lay up by the society drives parents and managements struggle for the best of the best without any confinements or inhibitions. This frenzy of marks or ranking scenario builds up lot of tension on the little ones leading to health disorders. The repercussions of such rankings are not even given a thought by elders is painstaking.

Knowledge Retained: Above all this exercises of training up a child the amount of knowledge garnered and retained is a big question mark. Application of the learnt education is no where seen therefore this is a biggest drawback in retaining. Any knowledge acquired would effectively retain if it is applied properly. Lack of this application leads to average learner when reached to colleges for higher education. The basement itself is not stronger to invite or grasp more load on to the brain is hazardous at the end of the day.

Maturity as a Person: By the time a child grows into a man with all those successful 22 to 25 years of study goes in vain when the ward fails in accomplishing a livelihood to withstand the current society. Compromising on whatever comes our way would only be the way to choose but not the path opted in person. This degradation and lack of quality follows in every move made in life.

All folks following this article give it a thought of necessary intense amendments needed in current system of education before the dreadful day actually arrives! Save Children, the future of India! Save Education!!!