Food is considered as a source of energy to survive, but what really matters is not just the question of survival, but how physically fit is our survival. Gone are the days where food is consumed only to live. This 21st century brought exceptionally numerous styles of living, out of which looking stylish by maintaining those lines and curves is an ideal task to take up by every living individual.

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The food consumed is classified as per the calorie intake. Slimmer you look less calorie food is the choice, stronger you look high calorie food should by your choice. There are lot of taste enhancer foods like fast foods are available in market which drag people towards them unconsciously, so as the weight is put on unconsciously. Having a check on these is a cumbersome task until you look out of shape one fine morning in front of the mirror.

To put a check to your body weight, think about foods like:

Water Melon: The fruit is rich water source content that helps your body drive away that extra fat and keep your belly full for a longer time.

Tomatoes: This vegetable looks lovely in color and shape so as its effect on human body in melting that unwanted fat.

Olives: Though Olives are oil based it consists of fat that are healthy and does not stick up to your body, in return washes away the fatty cells amazingly.

Papaya: The wonder fruit helps in digestion, breaks down food and fastens up the process of digestion leading to flat tummy

Mushrooms:  This fungus vegetable helps you curb appetite, keeps your body feel full for longer time, the dietary fibre in mushrooms promote good bowel movement.

Almonds: Though the dry fruit is rich in calories, they do not contribute to belly fat, rich in vitamin E that makes your skin youthful and vibrant.

Apple:  It is known for killing bacteria in intestines and aims in good digestion. Flushes out toxins and reduces water retention in your stomach.

Eat healthy and stay healthy is known concept, at the same time look slim and healthy is the trendy concept of today’s generation. So give it up a thought !