When this very term “physical Fitness” comes into our mind we naturally think of sports persons, body builders, weight lifters, gymnasts etc. But, this is not just confined to them only. One can be physically fit with proper exercise routines, diets and healthy life style. There is a stern necessity of keeping physically fit which combats diseases, laziness, sedentary life style and other bodily ailments. Not only the outer body remains fit but also the inner and mental ability inside improves drastically. Feel the difference by exercising regularly for 10 days, the outcome would really surprise you


Apart from regular exercise routines a healthy diet combo would make wonders to your body and mind. A balanced diet with all fruits, cereals, veggies that give protein, fiber, calcium, iron etc would help in building up of the body muscle and stamina that gives you energy to be tolerant with all disabilities. A healthy state of mind and body is obviously a boon. Go through the below factors that physical fitness contributes.

  • Builds up the relative amount of fat, muscle, bone and other vital parts of the body with a good amount of body composition.
  • The ability of a muscle group to exert force is multiplied by storing in enough strength.
  • Improvises cardiovascular fitness by proper supply of oxygen to respiratory system, circulatory system.
  • Flexibility in stretching the body for various body postures. Helps joints move with ease.
  • The ability of muscles to continue to perform repeated contractions against sub maximal resistance.
  • Improves agility that contributes its part in changing the position of the body in time and space with speed and accuracy.
  • Maintains equilibrium while moving or stationary giving a balanced sense of state.
  • Good coordination with sense organs in sensing, sighting, hearing and tasting for smooth and accurate execution.
  • Power in applying maximum force in minimum amount of time.
  • Speed, stamina, accuracy, reaction time, health, nutrition and wellness are few of the factors bagged.

At the end of the day physical fitness help us live longer, fuller and happier.

The plant of immortality that heals all health and outer body problems is a boon given to human beings by the Gods above. The plant is widely grown in arid regions, as it consumes less water to survive it can be harvested in low rainfall and arid regions. The plant stores water in its leaves and gives a succulent fresh look.


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